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Britain's passion for travel at an all-time high according to study

Britain’s love for travel may seem anecdotally to be at an all-time high, and now it turns out there are numbers to back that fact.

According to the Office of National Statistics, Britain is experiencing a 20-year high in its passion for travel.


Since 2014 the number of visits made abroad by average British travellers increased by 9.4%, with the total number of British travellers spending £39 billion abroad!

The top destinations visited by British holidaymakers are Spain and France unsurprisingly, as they’ve been the top destinations since 2011. They’ve seen a 22% increase in British visitors as of 2015.


Italy, Ireland and the US also make the top 5 most visited places.

Along with registering a surge in British interest in travel, the ONS report also looked into how long people stayed away on their travels. The study showed that the average British traveller has stayed away for an average of 10 days since 2011, a trend that the researchers believe shows their continued interest in taking short breaks.


The study also showed that for the first time since the recession, British travellers were spending and thinking as much about travel.