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Yoga festivals around the world and the yogis of Instagram who inspire us to travel

Summer means many things, but to yoga lovers it means outdoor yoga and the possibility of yoga festivals in the sun!

Be Fearless! @erica.jung here for my final day of take over and sharing some travel adventures over the last year. I took a leap and journeyed through India by myself for two months with no solid plan much to the shock and fear of others. Not only was it one of the most exciting trips every bit liberating. Traveling, and especially solo travel makes your realize how capable you are as that life around the world ain’t so different. At the end of the day, we all want love. How do you plan on conquering fear this year? Maybe traveling to the far off land of Bhutan is just the ticket! Say YES to the adventure that awaits October 10-19. Hanging out in Hampi at the Queens Palace😍 #wherewillyogatakeyou #yoga #travel #adventure #handstand

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The global appeal of yoga is most apparent when one looks at the enormous volume of yoga festivals around the world. The festivals are not relegated to places where yoga is a part of life and is taught and popular, but truly it’s popular worldwide.

Yoga festivals worldwide have been growing in popularity, and along with that the phenomenon of yoga gurus (like @thetravelyogi) on Instagram who specialise in travel with yoga, they have made it one of the most popular ways to travel the world. There is nothing more travel inducing than flexible yogis pulling a yoga pose with a beautiful exotic desitination in the background.

As summer comes round in the Northern hemisphere, the festivals really get underway. Here’s a quick selection of some of the most spectacular yoga festivals around the world.

Wanderlust, Australia, Canada, USA

Some of the best known festivals are the ones organised by Wanderlust, which puts on festivals in celebration of sustainability, adventure, and yoga. Their amazing festivals cross the US, Australia and Canada starting on 3 June in Snowshoe, West Virginia. Activities include cooking, meditation, and yoga.

Kuzey Kibris Yoga Festival, Greece

In Greece this weekend 28 May there will be the Kuzey Kibris Yoga Festival that takes place in Northern Cypress and combines the beauty of the island with intensive workshops and training.

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Yoga Fest, Amsterdam

Yoga Fest Amsterdam, that takes place on 18-19 June in the Westergasfabriek city park, and involve panel debates on modern living and spirituality, as well as star instructors’yoga classes.

Esalen’s Yoga Festival, California

In California, Big Sur welcomes hundreds of yogis for its 12th Esalen’s Yoga Festival that takes place from 19 – 24 June, and involves massage courses, yoga classes, as well as panel debates and music, all set by the sea.

MayFest, New York

The MayFest is one of New York’s biggest yoga festivals that takes place 27-29 May in Cold Spring, NY. Along with its musical lineup and yoga classes, MayFest also requires that most participants stay in one of the surrounding cabins in the area, making it an all round enjoyable experience!