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GoPro footage captures the friendship between a man and his grizzly bear in Montana

A video captures the unlikely story of a grizzly bear and his best friend, Casey Anderson. More than a decade ago Anderson rescued a baby grizzly and began a life-long friendship with the enormous bear.

Casey Anderson and Brutus have been friends for over 10 years
Casey Anderson and Brutus have been friends for over 10 years Image by Screengrab Youtube

Now called Brutus, the bear became Anderson’s inspiration for opening the Montana Grizzly Encounter, a bear sanctuary that takes in bears that were kept in captivity and that could never be released back into the wild.

The video, shot entirely on GoPro Hero, gives an amazing insight into the relationship that naturalist Anderson has with his friend Brutus, who doesn’t fail to remind the viewer that he is a might grizzly with an occasional toothy yawn here and there.

The footage also offers amazing views of Montana’s incredibly scenic wild countryside.

The Grizzly Encounter is one of the rare bear sanctuaries that bring visitors in close contact with the bears and has become an important centre for education around grizzly bears.

Bella the baby bear
Bella the baby bear Image by Grizzly Encounters

What began as a chance rescue, turned into a life-long project for Anderson, and this video does it justice. Grizzly Encounters’ Facebook page is also full of some of the funnier and cuter aspects of a bear sanctuary, such as baby bear Bella getting tickled!