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Like surprises? Lufthansa airline will pick adventurous travellers’ next city break destination

If you love travel and surprises, one airline is hoping to tap into your adventurous side and select the destination of your next trip.

Ruins in Roman Forum, Rome.
Ruins in Roman Forum, Rome. Image by S.Borisov

Lufthansa Surprise is offering “surprise” bookings, where travellers can pick a theme for their city break instead of the destination. Each theme offers a selection of cities and the traveller plans their trip without knowing which city they are heading to before the flight is booked. For example, select ‘sightseeing and culture’ and you could be off to Florence, Dublin, Istanbul, Warsaw, Poznan, Venice, Wroclaw or Vienna, or pick ‘partying’ and you may be heading to Amsterdam, Hamburg, Dublin, Istanbul, Madrid, Prague, Riga, Vilnius or Warsaw.

Sultanahmet Mosque sunset.
Sultanahmet Mosque sunset, Istanbul. Image by Samet Guler

The deal is designed to pick the destination with the best price, but if you absolutely don’t want to go to one of the cities – or have already experienced it – it can be removed from the list. The prices start at €89 or €99 for a round-trip, but unfortunately are only available to travellers leaving from Frankfurt or Munich. Travellers also select general dates and whether they want to go over a weekend or during the week. According to Lufthansa, the more flexible the traveller is with destinations and dates, the cheaper the fare will be. But there is some flexibility for the very spontaneous traveller and the less-spontaneous traveller – as bookings can be made one to 42 days in advance.

Fisherman's Bastion, Castle Hill.
Fisherman’s Bastion, Castle Hill. Image by Sarah Coghill

The themes also include ‘nature’, which will bring travellers to Geneva, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Bologna, Tallinn or Copenhagen. Gourmet cuisine trips would take visitors to Hamburg, Madrid, Bologna, Milan, Brussels, Lyon, Paris and Vienna. If you’re looking for a warmer trip, selecting ‘sun and sand’ will lead you to Bilbao, Nice, Porto, Marseille, Gdansk, Seville, Malta, Valencia, Barcelona and Lisbon. There is even a section for ‘bromance’, which is designed to bring you and the boys to Amsterdam, Hamburg, Dublin, Belgrade, Prague, Riga, Vilnius, Poznan, Manchester, or Krakow, while ‘romance’ will see you heading to Paris, Florence, Budapest, Prague, Venice, Vienna or Zurich.