Lonely Planet Writer

Watch as 50 Cent parodies MTV Cribs in advert for Hostelworld

No doubt Cribs was a staple of your diet growing up.

Had a bad day at school? No worries, just get home and flick on MTV – marvel at Shaquille O’Neal’s giant circular Superman bed, find out what Bam Margera has in his fridge, step into Uncle Snoop’s home, watch Redman free the realness. Ah, everything’s better again.

50 Cent brings the nostalgia with an advert for Hostelworld, doing the whole Cribs routine while showing us around a hostel in Barcelona. The camera work, the music, what he says: it’s all classic Cribs.

“All the bling, without the sting”.

If you’re trying to think of someone you’d be less likely to bump into at a hostel than 50 Cent, here’s a previous Hostelworld advert featuring Chris Eubank.