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Video shows weather researchers staring down 100 mph winds on Mount Washington

Weather researchers Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham stared down a 100 miles per hour wind on Mount Washington in New Hampshire.


The pair can be seen trying to walk against gusts brought on by hurricane force winds. Sometimes they’re lifted right off the ground and sometimes they’re blown across the ground itself! They seem to be in excellent spirits throughout, in spite of the horrific weather conditions!


The footage was taken by the Mount Washington Observatory, a weather research centre that produces quite a few of these videos showing its weather warriors challenging extreme weather conditions.


Another video shows them turning hot water to instant snow by throwing it into the freezing air, whilst yet another shows the Aurora Borealis shot from atop the mountain, as well as multiple videos of hiking up the mountain. Mount Washington is the tallest peak in Northeastern US and it’s famous for its varied and extreme weather, thereby making it a prime location for these weather warriors and researchers!