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No more lost in translation - smart earpiece to translate foreign languages instantly for travellers

Travelling abroad can be frustrating when you don’t understand what’s being said to you in a foreign language.

The ear piece that could change the way you travel forever.
The ear piece that could change the way you travel forever. Image by Waverley Labs

Never fear – a new, instant translator is at hand to solve those type of communication problems. A smart earpiece by technology company, Waverly Labs, is designed to ensure that what is being said doesn’t gets lost in translation when you find yourself in such a situation. Called ‘the Pilot’ the smart earpiece and its corresponding app translates in real time thanks to its use of speech-recognition technology.

According to TNW News, the nifty in-ear piece will be launched this autumn. It allows two people talking totally different languages to clearly understand what each other is saying once they are wearing the Pilot.


The company says it uses “translation technology” and is also connected to an app downloaded onto your smartphone. The manufacturers intend to sell them in pairs which will allow a traveller to use one and loan the other to the person communicating in a different language.

The Pilot also doubles up as wireless headphones if you want to listen to music. It can now be preordered in three colours – red, white and black. Retail pricing is expected to range from US$250-US$300. The device will begin with a number of European languages like English, Spanish, French, and Italian. The company has indicated that it intends to roll out the Pilot in a number of other languages, including East Asian, Hindi, Semitic and Slavic tongues.