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Mini in-flight liquor bottles for sale on Craigslist leads to undercover investigation

A mini-bottle of liquor purchased in-flight can be incredible expensive, but is generally the only option for a mid-air drink. But with two feet firmly on the ground, would you still want to buy the tiny bottles off of Craiglist, even at a significant discount?

Collection of alcohol nip bottles.
Collection of alcohol nip bottles. Image by Bill Boch/Getty Images

A flight attendant in the United States has been indicted on charges that she stole about 1,500 mini-bottles of liquor and tried to sell them online, according to the Shelby County District Attorney’s office website. The flight attendant, who is from Memphis, Tennessee and worked for Endeavour Air, “faces criminal charges of theft of property over $10,000, unlawful sale of alcohol, and unauthorized transportation of alcohol and unauthorized storage of liquor for sale”, according to the DA’s statement.

Investigators say that the woman allegedly put the small bottles in her bag and then later tried to sell them on Craigslist. While airlines generally charge about $8, she was selling them for $1 each, which is closer to what you’d pay at a liquor store. The woman had been arrested back in November after agents bought the bottles undercover.