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Naughty panda cubs just want to play with their keeper in Chinese breeding reserve

Funny footage of a pair of mischievous baby pandas has emerged, which shows two of them rolling around and not letting their keeper clean up their enclosure.


The video comes from China’s Sichuan Province, from one of its panda breeding reserves. The footage was released by the China Central Television Station, and it shows the keeper caught in a rather hilarious rumble and tumble with the two baby pandas, who just want to play with her. They are determined first, to get into her bamboo basket she’s employing to pick up leaves, and then to roll around with each other!

Naughty pandas cant stop playing
Naughty pandas cant stop playing Image by Screengrab Youtube

The amused keeper is forced to pick them up and put them far away from the area she’s trying to clean, as well as run away from them once she’s done. It’s estimated that there are around 300 pandas in breeding centres like this one pictured.