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Cologne considers tackling traffic bottlenecks with the use of amphibious buses

The city of Cologne may have an innovative solution to the city’s traffic jams, as it is considering employing amphibious buses to bring the era of bottlenecks on the city’s bridges to an end.

Cologne Cathedral.
Cologne Cathedral. Image by Jiuguang Wang / CC BY 2.0

City authorities are in the midst of developing a new transport plan for the city, one that would see more ferries and cycle paths, but also the potential use of amphibious buses – buses that are able to transport passengers on the city’s Rhine river as well as along its roads.

The amphibious buses in Rotterdam
The amphibious buses in Rotterdam Image by Getty Images

These floating buses so far have been a tourist feature in cities like Hamburg, London, Dublin, and Rotterdam, but the Cologne authorities see a more practical day-to-day use for the buses.

Amsterdam amphibious bus
Amsterdam amphibious bus Image by Getty Images

European news website The Local met with one of the Green Party transport spokesman, Lino Hammer, who said that whilst there were plans to build new bridge, that project wouldn’t be completed for another 20 years.

The Cologne local authorities therefore are hoping to test trial amphibious buses by 2020 in the hope that they’ll yield a quicker solution. Sounds like fun!