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Austrian startup creates the ultimate outdoor adventure accessory

If you pack just one thing for your next outdoor travel adventure, you may want to make it a Flying Tent.

Flying tent 3

Austrian startup, Startraveller Equipment, has created the world’s first “flying” tent. Flying Tent Seven Seconds to the Stars promises to be all the camping gear the adventure traveller needs. A complete for stress-free outdoor activities, the Flying Tent is a floating tent, bivy tent, hammock and rain poncho all rolled into one.

Outdoor enthusiasts can hang the Flying Tent between two trees to sleep suspended off the floor. The tent can also be set up on the ground as a one-person bivy tent. The top section can be removed to create a roomy hammock or you can wear it as a rain poncho – the perfect protection against a sudden downpour. It’s made from high-quality, weather resistant material and features an integrated mosquito net.

The Flying Tent can be put up in just 7 seconds by using carbon poles and a technically innovative design twist on throw tents.

In a breakout Kickstarter success story, the Flying Tent recently surpassed its funding goals – to raise €20,000 – in less than 24 hours after launching its campaign. It’s now more than 500% funded with over €150,000 pledged.

On a mission to give adventure travellers the freedom to explore further outdoors without being bogged down by heavy equipment, the Flying Tent is super lightweight at 1.2kg.

“The inspiration is enjoying nature and yourself – everywhere without compromise,” says co-founder David Dietrich, “there is no other solution on the market that’s this transportable or lightweight and with this great level of functionality.”

The Flying Tent will go on sale at the start of July 2016.