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What’s the secret to packing properly? Travel company weighs in with top luggage tips

Every avid traveller has an opinion on the best way to pack luggage – whether that’s rolling clothes up to save space, making use of packing cubes, or simply packing light – and most are not afraid to share their thoughts.

Expedia.ca, a travel booking site, has now also weighed in on the great packing debate with an infographic filled with tips it claims are effective for helping travellers get everything they need to pack.

The company includes tips such as putting items in your shoes, folding shirts from front-to-back, or using compression bags.

8 packing techniques that will save you space in your suitcase [Infographic] by the team at Expedia CA

While every travellers’ packing style is unique, a little advice can’t hurt, so here are some tips from Lonely Planet on how to become a master packer.