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Looking for love? Brazil voted best country for dating by millennials

Before travelling it’s always important to get your priorities straight to avoid disappointment. So if you’re a heart looking for love, this study may be essential reading for you.

The iconic Copacabana beach in Rio is attracting more Argentinian tourists than even before
Brazil has been voted Best Country For Dating according to study Image by Roger W / CC BY 2.0

A US News study looked at the best countries in the world according to millennials, and one crucial area of interest was Best Countries For Dating.


In descending order the top five choices for millennials (people raised around technology, aged 18-35) were Brazil, Italy, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand!

This perhaps is no surprise to visitors to Brazil’s warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Toronto, Canada.
Toronto, Canada. Image by The City of Toronto / CC BY 2.0

The way the researchers went about gathering the information and putting it together to cover other rankings, was by coming up with 65 different attributes which were presented in a survey of more than 16,000 people from across the globe. Participants assessed how closely they associated attributes with the respective countries.

Explaining why the study focused specifically on millennials the editor and chief content officer of US News said:

Surfer on beach at sunset, Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia.
Surfer on beach at sunset, Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia. Image by Matt Munro

“Millennials will play a significant role in shaping national economies worldwide for decades to come. Capturing their perceptions is valuable in helping to determine the current and future possibilities of economic, political and cultural success in nations.”

Other areas the US News study went into was ranking countries as Overall Best Countries, Best Countries to live, Best Countries to live, Best Countries to start a career.

Lulu shares his love of skyscrapers on his Instagram
China has been voted Best Place to Start A Career. Image by Joseph Lulu/Instagram

China ranked number one as the Best Country To Start A Career; Australia ranked as Best Country to Live; and Canada was ranked the overall Best Country Overall!

The survey reveals perhaps what millennials’ priorities are when it comes to countries they visit or travel to.

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