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Drinks and exotic views create this summer's most travel inspiring Instagram account

Let’s face it, it’s almost summer, Spring has reluctantly come into its own across the world, and you want nothing more than to sit back with a drink and an amazing view.

As things go these days, Instagram is a good place to start for some incredible inspiration whatever that might be, and @drinksintheair fits the bill in this case.

From the same creators of @foodintheair this account gives a thirst and wanderlust-inspiring view of drinks combined with places where those drinks might be consumed.

This is not just for the wine and beer lovers, as a large portion of the account showcases coffees, smoothies, nutribullets, teas, and juices as well as a wide selection of wines and beers.

Aside from filling you with the desire to rush out the office and put your legs up with a drink and bask in the beauty of a view, @drinkintheair functions as a handy guide to delicacies from every city or region they cover.

Showcasing locally produced wines, craft beers, traditional juices, locally distilled liquors and more, the Instagram acts as an amuse bouche so that you’re never stuck ordering a familiar name on your next trip.

Images include champagne in Beverly Hills, cosmos in Chile, wine in Greece, chocolate shakes in South Korea and many many more.

If you like piña coladas …. @nomsfortwo #drinksintheair #piñacoladas #Nassau #Bahamas

A photo posted by Drinks in the Air (@drinksintheair) on Feb 24, 2016 at 10:30am PST

The Food in the Air and Drinks in the Air team (there are 5 of them!) gave an interview to Grazia magazine explaining how the project started. “’We were on a road trip [one] summer and while browsing Instagram we came across a picture of someone holding up their bagel and thought it was great. We realised how much potential the idea had and wanted to create (and curate) pictures of great food with a destination in mind!’”

The ‘in the air’ part comes from the shallow depth of field in the images which allows for the focus to remain on the drinks, whist also leaving the beautiful vistas in the background to shine through.

Coconut cups are sorrr trendy right now. We want one too @brischechter #ja’mie #dranks #foodintheair #vietnam #drinksintheair

A photo posted by Drinks in the Air (@drinksintheair) on Jan 11, 2015 at 8:23am PST