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Now you can have your fairytale ending by getting married in front of Cinderella's Castle

Disney weddings are nothing new but now they’re offering the ultimate fairytale ending to your love story; the chance to get married in front of Cinderella’s castle in Disney World Florida.

The location will be the recently redesigned East Plaza Garden on the famous Main Street section of the theme park, offering perfect views of the castle and right in the heart of the Magic Kingdom.

Any potential Cinderellas may want to consider pawning their glass slippers to pay for the ceremony as it will cost a minimum of US$75,000 after the fee and minimum food and drink spend. It does, however, include transport to the ceremony in Cinderella’s carriage which, for some, would be priceless.

The plaza accommodates up to 100 guests but the only ceremony time available is 9.30am so you might have some unexpected extras in the form of interested park-goers.

Weddings are big business for Disney, who offer services for planning the perfect wedding, honeymoon or even proposals at the park.

The Cinderella-inspired wedding dress from the 2016 Disney Bridal Boutique,
The Cinderella-inspired wedding dress from the 2016 Disney Bridal Boutique, Image by Disney Weddings

Disney brides can even make the experience complete by donning a Disney Cinderella-inspired wedding dress for the occasion – or a wedding dress inspired by any of the other princesses.

Of course, when the excitement is over and you’re finally ready to settle down together, you can even buy a house at Disney to raise a family just four miles from the Magic Kingdom.