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See the stunning landscape of Northern Iran showcased in adventure skiiers' daring video series

Incredible footage shows a group of snowboarders and skiiers take on the dirt mountains and snowy peaks of the Iranian mountains.


The Redbull produced series Snowmads follows top adventure skier Fabi Lentsch as he and his crew take on this little visited territory with his team of intrepid explorers.

The crew have been travelling for the past month or more taking in the stunning countryside and landscapes off the tourist trail in Northern Iran.

“It’s not always the perfect conditions and the sickest lines you’re after – travelling brings you places you’ve never been before and shows you, where your boundaries are. Simple things like having a shower and enjoying a humble meal with your friends remind you, what the real values are,” Fabian wrote on the Snowmads blog.

The crew and skiiers visit the snowy Zagros Mountains, and the Shemshak and Dizin skiing resorts.


In their latest video they abandon the snow in favour of the arid dirt plains of the Island of Qeshm.

The team take on the daring feat of skiing down these dramatic looking dirt slopes in this desert landscape, and as you can see, it makes from some dramatic footage.

You can follow Redbull’s Snowmads on their tour of Iran here.