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Lasagna makes a comeback as Soho restaurant serves up 21 different types

Who would have thought that age old lasagna would have made a comeback in today’s world of Instagrammable food. And yet, the popular pasta bake seems to be slowly creeping back into popularity as well as into people’s social media accounts.

#Lasagnesundays is happening right now. See you at #bebè shortly.

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A new Italian restaurant in Soho is testament to the fact. Mister Lasagna, which opened only recently, serves an incredible 21 different types of lasagna, from classic Bolognese lasagna and Napoletana lasagna, on to smoked salmon, onion and artichoke lasagnas.

But it might perhaps not seem so surprising that the layered cheesy wonder has found its way back into menus, what with its layered and colourful appearance making it a favourite for photographs.

London, in particular, seems to be enjoying a lasagna renaissance as MisterLasagna might indicate.

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One of the other spots putting lasagna back on the map is hip Hackney local, Lardo bébé, who says it’s “playing the part of being your Nonna” and doing a special Sunday lasagna meal. The Sartoria on Savile Row offers up an upscale version of the Italian family favourite, whilst Fitzrovia’s equally upmarket The Ninth has variations with rabbit confit.

We’ll be dreaming of this rabbit confit #lasagna tonight 🌙

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With Little Italy in Soho upping its lasagna game with its 21 new types, we’re sure to see more of this multi-layered heaven around London soon.