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Otterly adorable; this baby otter is as excited as you are for the weekend

Feeling excited about the weekend? You’re in good company with this adorable otter pup.

The video was posted by the Bronx Zoo on their Facebook page earlier this week and shows the pup tussling and playing with the rest of his family.

The family are Asian small-clawed otters and are part of the JungleWorld section of the zoo. They’re the smallest otter species in the world and usually live in extended family groups with only one pair breeding at a time. They also live in monogamous couples.

Despite being a protected species, their numbers are declining due to habitat destruction, hunting and pollution. The Bronx Zoo is one of many around the world who house these adorable creatures.

The Zoo is also the biggest and oldest zoo in the USA with more than 6000 animals across its  265 acres.