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Airbnb poll: the best ways to fit in when you travel to a new city

The Airbnb poll carried out on its own Twitter account gave 4 optional answers for the question, “When you travel to a new city, how do you feel like you #LiveThere?”

Denpasar market, Bali.
Denpasar market, Bali. Image by Jumilla / CC BY 2.0

14 % of respondents voted “Meet your barista”, 18% voted for “See a local band”, and 26% voted “Jog the neighbourhood”. But the winner, with 42% of the votes over 896 participants was “Shop at a farmers market.”

Airbnb since its inception has championed the notion of ‘living like a local’, doing what locals do and often taking tips from one’s host.

Marathon runners at a previous Boston Marathon.
Jogging: a good way to fit in according to Airbnb poll. Image by Danielle Walquist Lynch / CC BY 2.0

Twitter commenters offered other suggestions as to how to feel like a local, with most suggesting that familiarity with the local transport system was one way of being a true local. Another suggestion was to become familiar with the best local bars and pubs.