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Peanuts goes to Japan: first Snoopy satellite museum opens in Tokyo

Fans of the Peanuts comic character Snoopy can now visit a museum in Tokyo dedicated to the beagle and his companions, after the world’s first official satellite of the California-based Charles M Schulz Museum opened there last week.

The Snoopy Museum Tokyo is finally open.
The Snoopy Museum Tokyo is finally open. Image by Snoopy Museum Tokyo

The Snoopy Museum Tokyo  features displays of original works by artist Schulz, whose renowned Peanuts comic strip ran for 50 years from 1950 to 2000, appearing in more than 2600 newspapers internationally. The museum’s inaugural exhibition My Favorite Peanuts features 60 cartoons curated by Schulz’s wife, Jean Schulz, and includes a comic strip that was a Valentine’s Day gift from her husband.

According to the museum website, exhibitions will change every six months, with early Li’l Folks cartoons, rare memorabilia, and music from Peanuts animations among the works to be on show. The museum also has a shop, and a cafe with a large blue table representing characters Linus’ famous security blanket.

Comic characters abound in Japan, where Snoopy is popular but has to compete with such iconic figures as Hello Kitty. Cartoonist and creative director at Charles M Schulz Creative Associates, Paige Braddock, told Reuters that part of the challenge in opening the museum in Japan is introducing Snoopy to those who don’t already know the character. “But once they discover Snoopy, there are universal truths in the comic that I think appeal to every generation”, she said.

Snoopy Museum Tokyo is located in the Roppongi neighbourhood, and will close in September 2018.