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JetBlue brings napping pods to their New York terminal to help passengers beat travel fatigue

JetBlue has introduced a novel way to give passengers the chance to recharge their batteries and beat travel fatigue.

JetBlue airlines now offering JetNaps at their
JetBlue airlines now offering passengers the chance of a 20-minute  JetNap at their  new napping pods Image by Michael Gray / CC BY-SA 2.0

From this week, the airline is offering free 20-minute “jetnap” opportunities in the company’s new napping pods. PRNewswire reports that the first of these was unveiled this week at the JetBlue Terminal 5 concourse in New York’s JFK Airport. The instalment means the carrier has become the first commercial airline to introduce the EnergyPods to travellers in the USA. In all, the company has four JetNap EnergyPods operating on a first-come, first-served basis to its customers.

Nap for free for 20 minutes at JFK

Created by MetroNaps in nearby Long Island, the EnergyPods have been installed in hundreds of offices, universities, fitness centers and hospital across the globe. They are also recent installations in London’s Luton Airport and Pearson Airport in Toronto. The pods are designed to give travellers a quick rest before boarding time. JetBlue’s Director Corporate with social responsibility, Icema Gibbs, said the company’s priority is to provide the most comfortable experience for passengers, both on and off the airplane.

The pods, bathed in the carrier’s signature colour scheme and logo, provide an ideal environment for snoozing. The restful feeling is augmented by soothing rhythms from speakers and a privacy visor adds to the feeling of seclusion. There is also the facility for customers to plug in headphones to nod off to their own favourite sounds. A key part of the relaxation is having storage bins which secure personal items. Then there is a gentle mix of vibration, lights and music to wake up the passenger when it is time to leave.