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Whimsical or weird? Hotel offers phone number for bedtime stories and other bizarre hotel amenities

Is a hotel phone with a dedicated number for bedtime stories fun, or totally unnecessary? A traveller has posted an image of such an amenity online and it has certainly got people talking about what is, or isn’t, needed in a room.

Would you dial a hotel phone number to get a bedtime story?
Would you dial a hotel phone number to get a bedtime story? Image by ToxicSteve13 – Reddit

Reddit user ToxicSteve13 posted a picture of such a phone from his stay at the MOXY Phoenix Tempe in Arizona. The image has been viewed more than 1.5 million times. According to his posts on Reddit, he called and got through to a line that said “Someone must have had writer’s block because we don’t have a story for you,” and noted that it was “basically a huge disappointment”.

He writes that the MOXY Hotel is part of “Marriott’s newest brand geared towards millennials”.  He added that the stay also came with a welcome cocktail at check in, as the check-in desk is also the bar. There is no cable but there is Netflix, the room had a phonograph with half a dozen records and “awesome showers”. However, ToxicSteve13 thought it was as though they “are trying slightly too hard”. While some commenters agreed, many also said they would stay in such a hotel. One person wrote that it looks like a luxury hostel, while another said “who wouldn’t want to have a bean bag chair in their room?”

But the hotel isn’t the first to offer quirky amenities like bedtime stories; the Ace Hotels in London and Los Angeles both offer the services, reports the Telegraph. Nor is a bedtime story hotline the most bizarre hotel amenity available. In 2013, the Happy Guests Lodge in Cheshire, UK, announced it would allow guests travelling alone to “hire the perfect sleeping partner – a goldfish”. For only £5, travellers could rent a fish called Happy to come hang out in their room during their stay.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO.
Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO. Image by sean hobson / CC BY 2.0

While the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, which inspired Stephen King to write The Shining, attracts horror-lovers from all around, the hotel also offers a ghost adventure package where guests can stay in a haunted room and are given a K2 Metre, which is intended to detect ghosts. For people who can travel in luxury, the perks get even more frequent and more interesting, like at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, where guests can use a 24-karat gold iPad during their stay.