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Flight socks to save your blushes and bring a sigh of relief to your fellow passengers

There is something about an airplane that makes people feel it’s perfectly fine to take off their shoes and expose their less than sweet-smelling socks to their fellow passengers.

Stealth socks
Stealth socks Image by Maison Impeccable

Perhaps the reason is all those years of warnings about the dangers of sitting still for too long and not making ourselves as comfortable as possible. If you are one of those people who feel that footwear becomes optional when on board, then one company’s new invention may be the answer to the prayers … of your fellow passengers at least.

The Stealth Sock is the brain child of Ben Yelian, a former management consultant, and Kevin Shih, a former medical student, and promises “next-generation socks” to keep you fresh in transit. Ben Yelian of Maison Impeccable told Lonely Planet: “I frequently found myself living out of suitcases, running through airports, and working long hours. I began to feel that the business attire I wore was very poorly suited to real world wear – things didn’t breathe well, wrinkled easily, retained unpleasant odours, and simply weren’t comfortable.”

They had tried other products but decided there was a genuine need for socks that tackled the sweaty environs of an airplane cabin, and a jet-set lifestyle. Rather than wait for some company to find a way to produce what they wanted, they decided they would try to develop the product themselves. The socks use “bacteriostatic silver” to stop the growth of microbes – which are the real culprits for odour – and active carbon/charcoal infused into the yarn, which absorbs moisture twice as quickly as other sporty fibres. They promise a sock that doesn’t smell, breathes well, is comfortable and best of all will keep fellow travellers much happier.