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A luxury travel company is seeking an intern to travel for free – but you must be over 60 to apply

A luxury travel company is looking for a new intern to travel around in luxury on an all-expenses-paid trip to Bali – but the applicant must be more than 60 years old to apply.

Paddy field in Bali.
Paddy field in Bali. Image by Choo Suan Hee

Luxury Escapes has announced the “Senior Internship”, an opportunity for someone over 60 who loves to travel. But unfortunately, even if you’re old enough, there’s another catch to the dream internship – the senior must be from Australia or New Zealand. Whoever is chosen will be trained in social media, blogging, vlogging and hotel reviewing before heading off on their amazing trip.

The travel component will include ten days of luxury at three Bali resorts chosen by the company, including meals, spa treatments, poolside cocktails and day excursions, according to the website. The company is hoping that with the senior internship, they can learn more about seniors’ preferences when booking trips online, reports the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Seniors can apply or nominate someone before 10 May on the internship’s website.