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‘Cheat’s Guide’ to London Gatwick terminals makes airport navigation easy

Finding your way around an airport has just got easier, particularly if you happen to be in London Gatwick – thanks to National Express and top travel bloggers, The Travelettes.

Gatwick North Airside map
Gatwick North Airside map Image by National Express/The Travelettes

Between them, they have come up with ‘A Cheat’s Guide to Gatwick’ aimed at helping passengers find their way around the airport without having to tear your hair out. The blueprint covers virtually everything you’ll ever want to know if you are delayed or have just checked in. And what’s even better for your quick understanding, the guide is illustrated with a series of maps which can be downloaded while you are there.

Gatwick South Terminal Landside map.
Gatwick South Terminal Landside map. Image by National Express/The Travelettes

You can browse through the sketches easily to find the best places to eat, shop or go to if you want to rest and relax. The nearest bathrooms, internet stations and sports areas (to watch on television) are all clearly outlined so it takes all the confusion out of remembering the geography of the airport. And there’s a separate map for each floor – with the upstairs showing you how to get a quick snack before you hit the runway.

So as the summer holiday rush begins to crank up and the inevitable happens, know for sure that at least in Gatwick, you can find plenty to do and where to find it at the click of a button.