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Video shows woman jumping into tiger enclosure at Toronto Zoo ... to retrieve her HAT

Just how close would you be willing to get to a tiger in order to recover something that belongs to you? We imagine not too close – unless you are an expert on tigers.

However, a video has surfaced on YouTube appearing to show a woman doing that just. Dressed in a bright red T-shirt and jeans, the woman can be seen jumping over a protective fence – to retrieve a hat inside a tiger’s pen at Toronto Zoo. Uploaded by YouTube user Jared Sales, the clip shows the tiger attempting to lunge towards the woman, but is stopped by a smaller second fence.

After picking up the item, the woman quickly climbs out of the pen while an onlooker can be heard saying: “You’re a moron, you’re a moron. You’re a bad example to everyone else’s kids.” Another woman can then be seen intervening to break up the argument but the video cuts off so it is unclear how the altercation ended. Zoo officials are investigating the event.

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