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TEFL company offers chance to teach in Eastern Europe, with free accommodation and meals

If  the option of a travel-filled summer is out of the question for financial reasons, then one company is offering a way in which to help cure your wanderlust without necessarily requiring deep pockets.

People take kayak trip on Krutynia river in Masurian district of Poland
People take kayak trip on Krutynia river in Masurian district of Poland Image by Posztos

PremierTEFL is offering free Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses across Eastern and Central Europe.

As part of the sponsored scheme, those who sign up will get their accommodation and three meals a day paid for in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania.

Also offered are tours of the local area, transport from the airport to the school, observed teaching hours, as well as the TEFL course itself.

Managing Director Rosanna Belmonte said the Irish-based company had already received applications from the UK, US, and Australia.

She said: “Some people got in touch thinking it’s too good to be true, but the truth is that we felt it was important to create a way to open the door to English teaching jobs for people who might have been apprehensive in the past or not been able to afford the training.”

There are a couple of small catches but nothing too serious.

Stone Bridge and Sinan Pasha Mosque in Prizren's Old Town.
Stone Bridge and Sinan Pasha Mosque in Prizren’s Old Town. Image by Larissa Olenicoff

Airfares are not paid for, nor are visas if they are required. All applicants must have travel insurance, pay for any vaccinations they might need, and pay a small deposit that is refunded on completion of the course.

Those signing up are asked to select three programmes they want to go on, one of which has to be in Poland.

Once they arrive, the students will get to do hands-on teaching with business people and younger learners as they try to grapple with the complexities of the English language.

TEFL courses have always been a popular options for those afflicted with the travel bug, with well-paid work available in places like Japan, China, and the Middle East for qualified teachers.