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Discover family-friendly activities across London with Hoop app

When life revolves around children, constantly finding new things to do at the weekend – beyond the usual playgrounds, zoos, and parks – can become a struggle.

Discover London with new Hoop app..
Discover London with new Hoop app. Image by closari / CC BY 2.0

That’s where a new app called Hoop has come in, a central database of all the fun things that parents and children can do together.

Hoop launched across London in February and has been growing quickly ever since, with plans to expand across the UK towards the end of this year.

The app has proved incredibly popular, not just with residents of London, but also the tens of thousands of visitors who flock to the city each week.

In the slightly longer term, Hoop are planning to target the international market, where there is undoubtedly a massive market for residents and tourists.

“We built Hoop to help families discover fun things to do, and to make it as easy as checking your email,” co-founder Max Jennings told Lonely Planet.

“We’d always complained to each other about how hard it was to find things to do with our kids. We knew amazing things were going on … but finding them should have been easier. It seemed funny that in 2016 there wasn’t an easier way to find things to do with your kids.”

Listings for London for April have already swelled to 25,000 separate events and activities, with around a third of them free to attend.

“We now cover the whole of Greater London and are planning to expand to more cities across the UK towards the end of the year. We’d love Hoop to be international,” said Jennings.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play and can be tailored to your own specific family situation.

Results can be filtered according to the age of the kids, how far distant they are, and how much they cost (if anything). Amongst the more unusual events featured are Baby Discos, Museum Sleep-Overs and Movie Sing-Alongs.