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#LPTakes5; find out about the world's smartest suitcase in our Twitter chat

 Join us tomorrow, Thursday 14 April at 4pm GMT/11am EST on Twitter for #LPTakes5!

This week we’re interviewing Floatti, an LA-based company who created what might be the world’s smartest suitcase; it weighs itself, has bluetooth and an built-in charger for your devices. We’ll be chatting about the future of the smart suitcase and travel tech.

#LPTakes5 with Floatti

What is #LPTakes5 and how can I get involved?

#LPTakes5 is our regular Twitter chat with someone in the news. We ask 5 questions, but you’re welcome to jump in with questions and comments too! Simply tweet using #LPTakes5 to join the conversation.
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