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Taipei follows Tokyo in making metro names more tourist-friendly

Taipei Metro has decided to change the names of its lines and stations to be more visitor-friendly. New line names will be colour-coded and stations will be given alphanumeric codes.

The Taipei metro.
The Taipei metro. Image by ericnvntr / CC BY 2.0

Currently, lines are numbered and stations are named in Chinese and English. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, the city’s mayor, Ko Wen-je, said that visitors are “often confused by the station names, even in English, since many of them are romanisations of the station names in Chinese.” Under the new system, Line 3 will be referred to as the Green Line, and its stations will be G01, G02 and so forth. Interchange stations will take additional codes, one for each line they serve. This follows a similar move  made in Tokyo last week. Read more: taiwannews.com.tw