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Study reveals we pick cafés for 'people watching' and hot baristas

Ever wondered why you prefer one café to another? Well, according to new research carried out by Brita, it’s probably because of the good-looking barista.

'Suspended coffee' initiative spreads in Greece.
Image by Susanne Nilsson / CC BY-SA 2.0

To coincide with last week’s London Coffee Festival, the water filter company released research it had carried out to find out the habits and customs of British coffee drinkers.

The research revealed all sorts of remarkable information about people’s habits when it comes to their daily cuppa.

Singapore imports Aussie cafe culture.
Image by Mike Poresky / CC BY 2.0

80% of respondents said they had coffee out in a café once a week, with 16% saying they had one daily.

More than half of the people surveyed (58%) said they looked for a place where they could have a coffee and ‘people watch’ as well as be able to “sit down and unwind.”

About 20% of customers however admitted that one of the leading factors in choosing a café was the attractiveness of their server.

What’s more the study divided up customers into three distinct categories with different habits. Coffee drinkers were mainly ‘shoppers’, ‘take a breakers’, and ‘socialisers’.

What was reassuring for coffee makers was that the Brita’s research revealed that the number one most decisive factor in going into a café, was the quality of their coffee. So make a good coffee and they will come!

Biggest consumer turn-offs include bad-tasting coffee, poor service, lack of cleanliness, poor quality coffee, high prices, insufficient seating, too much noise and queues.