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Novel black cab app feature allows pals to split fare in London taxis

Paying a London taxi fare just got easier. A new app has come up with a novel feature for pals travelling in London’s black cabs to split their fare.

Black cabs in London will have to accept card payments from later on this year as Transport for London (TfL) wants to make fare paying easier for passengers
A new app feature in black cabs in London facilitates a ‘split payment’ among friends who have travelled in the taxi together Image by James Barrett / CC BY-SA 2.0

Gett, the mobile app, has added a ‘split payment’ option into its technology which provides the person who called for the taxi the opportunity to get other passengers to share the fare.
Working exclusively with black cabs in the English capital, the purpose of the app is to avoid “awkward” situations over how to get others to pay their share.
The Evening Standard reports that the feature, which is now available in 50% of the city’s black cabs, allows up to six people split the cost.
Gett’s managing director of western Europe, Remo Gerber said the new update was an exciting development which allowed fellow travellers to contribute with the original caller.
It would make the premium service of a black cab more available and affordable for users.
The app has come on stream shortly after it was announced that Gett were buying out rivals Radio Taxis – making it the UK’s biggest black cab app.