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Economy passengers to have a more luxurious flight with 21-inch touchscreens on their seatbacks

Economy flight passengers are set to have a more luxurious experience in the air thanks to the upgrading of screens on seatbacks.

The new technology was shown in Hamburg this week at the Aircraft Interiors Expo. The aim is to give every passenger the opportunity to play games, watch films and view maps of their journey on a much bigger display screen than has been available up to now.

A French company called Thales has developed massive LCD touchscreen displays called ‘Digital Sky’ to be built into the backs of economy seats. MailOnline reports that the prototype comes with a 21.3-inch HD display. Built to fit into the contours of the economy seat, it is touchscreen sensitive for users to get to the option they want during the flight.

Videos and films will take up part of the screen because they are laid out horizontally, allowing for other applications to also be displayed on the screen. Among the myriad of options for passengers is one for video meditation while there are also glimpses of the destination which shows what you can expect to experience on arrival.

According to Zach Honig, Editor-in-Chief of the Points Guy, the new seats and their technology doesn’t reduce legroom of economy seats. In fact, there is still room for a flip-out tray underneath though the writer noted it was quite a tight fit.