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New luxury tourist subs will be able to take people deeper under the sea

Soon, travellers who want to see what lurks under the sea can head down deeper than ever with a new line of luxury tourist subs.

A Netherlands-based company has developed a new tourist sub.
A Netherlands-based company has developed a new tourist sub. Image by U-Boat Worx

The company U-Boat Worx has launched three new luxury sub models that are capable of heading 1,140 metres down into the sea, which the company says makes them the deepest-diving tourist subs ever. The Netherlands-based company notes that it has seen increased demand for tourist subs after successes from other subs operated by luxury cruise ships.

While typical tourist subs have small windows and passenger seating like a bus, U-Boat Worx is aiming to make sure travellers get a more luxurious experience, as each sub can carry between five and nine people depending on the model. The new tourist subs are based on another model from the company that “are used on exclusive private yachts and by research institutes”.

With the new tourist subs, “all guests will enjoy the same panoramic experience thanks to two large acrylic spheres that place everyone in the front row”. Additionally, the interior of the sub can revolve within the sphere so passengers can always get a view, regardless of what way they’re heading. U-Boat Worx said in a news release that subs are battery-operated and “therefore have no impact on the marine environment in which they operate, so diving in a U-Boat Worx submarine is an ecologically sound activity”.