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When is best time to book a hotel room for this summer?  Survey says we need to book now

A new survey has revealed the best time to book a hotel room if you are heading away on holiday over the summer.

Hotel room will cost less under Hilton's new plan with its Tru brand range.
Significant savings can be made if rooms are booked in advance. Image by PortoBay Hotels & Resorts / CC BY 2.0

Depending on the destination, it seems if you haven’t already booked your hotel, you are fast running out of time to get a good price. Between two and five months in advance of travel is the recommended time, according to website Tripadvisor.com, which looked at 25 most popular worldwide destinations.

Depending on where you are going, savings of over 50% can be made, compared with the peak room rate, if you book at the right time. It seems last minute bookings should be avoided, according to the data, based on reservations made via the website with hotels worldwide for last summer’s holiday period from June to August.

The city of Rome.
Book at the right time for Rome, and save up to 32% on the rate. Image by Bert Kaufmann / CC BY-SA 2.0

For hotel bookings in Europe, savings of 23% can be made if booked two to five months in advance of departure. With breaks in cities like Berlin, London, Prague, Rome and Dublin, bookings are recommended within the two and five month window, so no great savings will be made on last minute city break bookings. But if made three to five months out, 18% can be saved on a London room, while if you are going to Rome and book in the same window, you can save up to 32%.

Anyone planning a trip in the US, should bear in mind that New York hotels should be booked four months before to save 25% of the peak rate, with Orlando holiday hotels requiring a smaller window of one to four months out, to save 10%. A saving of 55% can be made on Moscow hotels, but bookings would need to be made at least seven months in advance.

The best time to book a hotel room

Bangkok – Within three months
Barcelona – two-seven months before
Beijing – two-six months before
Berlin – two-five months before
Buenos Aires – one-five months before
Cancun – two-four months before
Cape Town – Within three months
Dubai – Within two months
Dublin – two-five months before
Hanoi – Within three months
Istanbul – Within five months
Jakarta – Within three months
London – three-five months before
Marrakech – Within four months
Moscow – four-seven months before
Mumbai – Within three months
New York – two-four months before
Orlando – one-four months before
Paris – Within four months
Prague – two-five months before
Rio de Janeiro – three-five months before
Rome – three-five months before
Singapore – two weeks to five months
Sydney – Within five months
Tokyo – two-five months before

Source: TripAdvisor