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Dream job alert: how about travelling the world as a stag party test pilot?

Are you a legend amongst your friends for your ability to party? Does the idea of international travel appeal? Do you have a “reasonable alcohol tolerance” and “penchant for fancy dress”? A UK company may have your dream job; a stag party test pilot.

People celebrate the opening of the 182. Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich, southern Germany.
This could be you. Image by (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)

Yes, you read that correctly. StagWeb is looking for ‘Stag Do Test Pilot’ to try out all the best international stag activities on the market; rating pub crawls, go-karting, paintballing and piloting jet aircrafts will all be regular responsibilities. With zombie boot camp, medieval jousting and beer bicycles on the menu, it’s safe to say this job will be a break from your usual 9 to 5. Successful applicants will be based in Bath, but can expect travel to Dublin, Barcelona and Dubrovnik among others.

Buried underneath the requirements for “serious party credentials” and “an ability to laugh in the face of fear” is a requirement to also assist with enquiries and social media updates. Don’t worry, the admin work probably won’t last too long as you’ll have other tasks to attend to, such as filming yourself “performing feats of derring do and stag madness”.

It’s not immediately clear from the job description if the test pilot can bring a friend on their travels but there is always the potential to make new ones as you’ll be expected to assist some parties live out “weekends of legendary proportions”. The banter will surely be endless. Interested parties can apply online and photos and videos of you “leading the party” will also be accepted to strengthen your application. And yes, all your travel expenses will be covered. Now go forth and party hard.

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