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Bring your own container: Denmark set to open a packaging free food store

Denmark’s shopping habits could be about to change with the introduction of a zero packaging food store in Copenhagen.

Danish company to introduce zero-packaging food market.
Danish company to introduce zero-packaging food market. Image by Garry Knight / CC BY 2.0

Selling organic produce, Løs Market will open its doors in August, and shoppers will be encouraged to bring containers to take home their food, though biodegradable paper bags and reusable bottles will be on offer for those who don’t have their own. Founders Frédéric Hamburger and Constance Leth were inspired by the success of similar stores in France and Germany. Despite Denmark’s reputation for being environmentally friendly, it was found to have produced the most waste of any EU country in a Eurostat report published last month; in 2004, Danes threw away 759 kg of waste per citizen.

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