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Stop everything... Freakshakes are finally a thing in London now

Australia’s had these crazy mountains of milkshake topped with delicious treats for ages now. Cronuts, rainbow bagels, fancy juice bars…  and now London is  getting on board with perfect-for-Instagram foodie trends.

Months and months after we first set eyes on Australia’s freakshakes – and after having to endure other countries catching on before us – a cafe has opened in Dalston selling London’s very own versions.

And they look INCREDIBLE.

These milkshakes really are bringing all the boys to the yard (sorry – we just couldn’t help ourselves). There was a two-hour wait to get in when Molly Bakes first opened back in late January. And they sell about 100 of them EVERY DAY.

But really, are you surprised?

Come on, you get actual cakes on top of endless cream.

Sometimes there’s fruit on them, so they’re basically good for you. And just think of all the calcium you’re getting…

Even better, Molly Bakes has colouring books to relax you while you slurp into a food coma. The dream.

Just in case you haven’t quite got it yet, the shakes often involve cookies AND cakes. You can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And some nights the place is open until 10pm.

Take note – Maria, who we have to thank for freakshakes at Molly Bakes, revealed the best-seller is the peanut butter flavour.

She also said: “I spotted freakshakes on Instagram last summer and at first I wanted to hop on a plane and go to Australia to try one.

“I then decided to try making my own since I had a milkshake mixer and didn’t fancy the 24-hour flight.”

And boy are we glad she made that move.

FYI, thanks to some digging, we found out Molly Bakes isn’t the only place to find freakshakes in London.

Introducing Maxwell’s in Covent Garden.

Yep, their bubblegum-flavoured concoction also looks insanely good.

Who knows where these inventions will pop up in the gastro world  next? Or what on earth they will have on top of them…

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