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Is this the end of luggage woes? New smart suitcase has built in chargers, GPS tracking and weighs itself

A new smart suitcase by Los Angeles-based company, Floatti, looks set to change the face of luggage design, and its clever and innovative design aims to eliminate a lot of the hassles that travelling brings.

Floatti 1

The Floatti case, designed by a group of six engineers and designers, was created after the company spent an extensive amount of time studying how people use suitcases. After exploring the problems we tend to have with them, they engineered a suitcase to solve these issues.

“We saw the opportunity to create a better suitcase, one that not only meets the traveller’s primary aim of getting from point A to point B, but which also satisfies the desire for convenience, freedom, security and peace of mind along the way,” they explained.

The first innovation is that is the case has a built-in charger for devices, which is amazing news for anyone on a long trip or layover. No more looking at a dead screen and fruitlessly searching for a power point in an airport or train, as it has enough power to recharge your iPhone 6S up to seven times, or a MacBook laptop 1.5 times.

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There is also a detachable electronic compartment for laptops and smartphones, which will make it easier travelling through security. One feature we really love is that the case features GPS tracking, which allows travellers to locate lost luggage, passport, camera or phone – how clever and reassuring!

The hard-shelled case allows owners to control their smartphone with the handle, which will be a godsend for those trying to make calls while moving along through airport terminals or bus and train stations. It also has advanced wheels with a suspension system to allow the case to glide down stairs easily, which will make the dash from one point to the next a lot easier.

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The problem of juggling possessions has also been taken care of with a handle that has hooks to hold bags and coats, which is so clever, we wonder why nobody thought of it before?

Floatti 6

There will be no more anxious waiting to see if your case is overweight. The Floatti is fitted with a built-in scales to help you avoid excess baggage charges. It comes is in black, red, cream or navy, and is available in both cabin and hand luggage sizes. It is also comes equipped with a security alarm, which can be set off at the touch of a button or from the suitcase smart handle.

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The design is now available to buy on the Kickstarter website with prices starting at $250, with shipping in December. As an added bonus, the bag is made to last, so the makers will ship any parts needed if damaged for free, and if the product is broken beyond repair, they will provide buyers with a brand new one.

We definitely think this smart case could be a game-changer!