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Japan at its very best: watch video of a stunning three-week rail journey

A sped up video taken by friends over their three week holiday in Japan, showcases that country’s dramatic and varied beauty.

In Japan – 2015 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.
The film was shot by Vincent Urban, Alex Schiller, and Alex Tank, who describe how the footage captured “a culture that somehow balances its rich tradition with a very futuristic present.”

Sumo wrestlers captured in the footage
Sumo wrestlers captured in the footage Image by Vincent Urban/Vimeo

Starting from Tokyo’s busy subway and train stations, the footage covers Buddhist temples and monasteries, as well as the Japanese mountains and countryside around Osaka, Hiroshima, and Kyoto.

The brights lights of Tokyo
The brights lights of Tokyo Image by Vincent Urban/Vimeo

“This film is a collection of audiovisual moments and memories of a 3-week railway journey through Japan in 2015,” the guys write on their Vimeo, and it makes for a travel-inspiring roundup.