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Uber announces partnerships with hotel, restaurant and trip planning apps to simplify travel

Uber is partnering with a variety of other apps – including hotel, restaurant and trip planning services – to help users simplify their travel between destinations and get people into Uber vehicles.

Hilton Hotels have integrated their app with Uber.
Hilton Hotels have integrated their app with Uber. Image by Leon Brocard / CC BY 2.0

The ride-hailing company announced that its new partners, including Hilton Hotels, restaurant discovery site Zomato, and trip planner Citymapper, will now embed Uber into their apps and sites.

When booking a hotel with Hilton, travellers can order a car to the hotel if they have both apps. In addition, when a Hilton reservation reminder time comes, the Uber app will reset the hotel as the recommended destination. When the user is in an Uber vehicle, they can tap a “view stay details” in their Uber App, which will lead them to the Hilton app so they can check-in, pick a room and request a digital key, all while en route.

After finding a restaurant to visit using Zomato, users can then request a ride to and from the restaurant – and check out the menu.

Citymapper, a trip planning app, will now allow people to request a ride through their app to get a ride to transit station. It will allow users to hop in an Uber to get to a train station and allow them to see live train times for the next section of their trip.

According to Uber, the company hopes the integrations will help travellers get the information they need while on the road. They also plan to bring more “trip branding and personalization to more of your favourite apps over the next few months”.