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Selfie danger - study examines link between smartphone photos and bison attacks

In case anyone needed more evidence suggesting visitors to Yellowstone National Park should stop taking selfies near bison, the Center for Disease Control has published a study examining the relationship between smartphone selfies and the rising number of bison injuries.

Bison grazing in Yellowstone National Park.
Bison grazing in Yellowstone National Park. Image by Tony Hisgett / CC BY 2.0

The investigators in charge of the study reason that the shorter focal lengths of smartphone cameras might be leading visitors to Yellowstone to ignore posted warnings about keeping a distance from the animals. This, combined with a higher number of travellers interested in sharing their travel photos on social media, could be related to the higher number of animal-related injuries.

This year, the National Parks Service is starting a messaging campaign to highlight the danger of getting too close to animals in Yellowstone. The campaign includes a broadcast on 1610 AM, more posted signs and handouts given to bus passengers upon their arrival.

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