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Tech fail: man stays for free in a hotel for a week by changing his name to 'Mr Null'

A US man changed his name and unlocked a technical loophole which allows him to avoid travel charges. By changing his name to ‘Null’ he unlocked an IT glitch.

The man managed to stay a week in a hotel. Image by:  PA

According to stuff.co.nz, the guy’s name is Raven Felix Null, 24, and he has enjoyed seven free nights at seven different hotels and free-of-charge car rental after changing his surname to Null.

The man on reddit, who goes by the username koalahumper (yep), explained how this new name is incompatible with many computer systems, meaning software often fails to fully validate his bookings.

Woman looking at computer screen
‘Mr Null’ is incompatible with many computer systems (nikoniko_happy/Thinkstock)

He said that the “code gives an error to the effect of ‘last name can’t be left blank’ and the person helping me will ‘just put my info in later’ but they never do (or can’t)”.

Here are some of the other things Null has got for free:
A month of free AT&T service
Two rental cars
A month of free T-Mobile service
A root canal

On reddit, he added: “It’s not all great. My choice of banks is very limited, it has kept me from getting an apartment I really wanted, and several other small annoyances.”