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Sleep couture: hotel chain creates a suit of duvet material to help people sleep on the go

With the clocks set to spring forward and rob many people of an hour’s sleep this weekend, a hotel chain has created a suit made of duvet material to allow people to nap as needed.


Jurys Inn Hotel Group released a video of two people trying out “the suvet” – a suit and duvet combo created by the company “in a bid to help the nation reclaim their lost sleep by wearing nap-enhancing clothing”.

The company surveyed 2,500 Brits and found that more than half of British workers (56%) already struggle to get out of bed in the morning, “with lack of sleep (42%), temperature outside of the duvet (40%) and fear of the working day ahead (31%), topping the list of reasons to stay in bed”.

More than half of those surveyed hit snooze every morning and about 28% say their bed is so comfy, they don’t want to get up.

The "suvet" by Jury's Inn Hotels.
The “suvet” by Jury’s Inn Hotels. Image by Jurys Inn Hotel Group

Jurys Inn says the best way to catch up sleep is to just wear a duvet as clothing and catch naps as needed.

The company teamed up with costume designer Wendy Berstead, who created the suvet using the hotel’s feather and down duvets. The suvet is designed with a collar that doubles up as a pillow so the wearer can sleep on the go.

While the suvet is just to look at – and perhaps dream of – for now, Jurys Inn is asking anyone interesting having them made available to the public to tweet @JurysInnshotels with #JurysInnSuvet.