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British Airways' new fares - pay for checked in luggage and change your flight time for free

British Airways is to restructure economy fares for short-haul services to take effect from early April.

British Airways is simplifying and restructuring the fares it offers to its customers
British Airways is simplifying and restructuring the fares it offers to its customers Image by David Kernan / CC BY 2.0

The airline wants to make its fares simpler and more attractive to customers in their fight for sales against competitors such as easyJet.  BA also plans to give more options to economy passengers. It aims to benefit those who pay for their check-in luggage, allowing them to change their tickets without incurring an extra fee. Under the new rules those wanting to change their day of flying will not be hit with a change fee, only the fare difference.

EasyJet increases connections to Iceland. Image by RHL Images / CC BY-SA 2.0.
BA has introduced the new range of fares to compete with easyJet for more short-haul customers Image by RHL Images / CC BY-SA 2.0

Yahoo.com also reports TTG Media – a British publication for the travel industry – as stating there will be no financial penalty if a passenger wants to return on an earlier flight.

The carrier’s new fare structures will offer three types of ticket – Fully Flex, Hand Baggage Only and With Checked Bag. The previous fare structure was more convoluted.

The client business manager at Wings Travel Management, Alastair Dickenson, said he favours any new measures that “simplifies fare structures”. He believes that the introduction of free flight changes on the day of departure for checked baggage fares, will be most popular with his clients. However he pointed out that such a perk is already offered by easyJet.

BA says there will be a phased introduction of the new system starting in April. It added that it will alert passengers once the changes go live through the selling systems.