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Ten new apps that can make your Easter break even more enjoyable

If you are fortunate enough to be travelling abroad on Easter Holidays, then packing your phone with some new apps may well be just as useful as packing your suitcase.

Apps can help to enhance your trip
Apps can help to enhance your trip Image by Shutterstock

With two millions apps in the major online stores, about one in twenty of them relate to travel. That is not too surprising considering 47% of holidays these days start life on a mobile device as wanderlust first kicks in.
With so many apps to choose from, here’s a selection of ten of the newest offerings and a few old reliables that may make your holiday run a little more smoothly.

Sportssetter App
Sportssetter App covers everything from HITT to yoga.

If you are unwilling to let your travels to get in the way of your exercise regime, an app like SportSetter is a good option for telling you where to find whatever sport or training it is you are looking for. It has just expanded into London, to add to the guides it already had for New York and Finland, and is aiming to expand to other cities in the future.

A Weather Way is a new option for those who hate to venture outdoors without a good idea of whether it is going to rain or not. It offers up to the minute forecasts based on exactly where you are that can have even be tailored to give weather predictions based on your daily routines.  It joins a crowded marketplace alongside long-standing apps like Dark Sky, AccuWeather and WeatherBug.

The Adventure Junky App offers a variety of means to find the adventure you are looking for
The Adventure Junky App offers a variety of means adventures wherever you are

Adventure Junky is built for those seeking a holiday with a difference, offering hundreds of options for adventure travel. Climbing volcanoes in Guatemala, seeing mountain gorillas in Rwanda, polar bear-seeking in Spitsbergen or outback adventures in Australia are among some of the holidays they will help to organise.

Timelooper travel app enhances your trip experience when you visit exciting sites and attractions around the world.
Timelooper travel app let’s you travel back in time when you visit sites

Timelooper is a ‘time travel’ app that lets tourists go back through history to see what a location they are visiting once looked like. All you need is a cardboard virtual reality set to witness events like the Great Fire of London or the Blitz with new stories being added in New York in the coming months.

Polarsteps creates a virtual map of your journey
Polarsteps creates a virtual map of your journey

Polarsteps is the latest app for automatically blogging your holiday, helping to ensure your family and friends will be left suitably jealous back home.It checks your location from time to time, creating a virtual map of your journey, which – if time permits – you can add photos, videos or even diary entries to.

Depending on the airport you travel to, Flio could well be worth downloading, offering guides to an ever-growing list of airports around the world.Its best feature is that it will automatically hook up mobile devices or laptops to whatever free WiFi is available without the nuisance of filling out endless forms.It gives advice on finding toilets, children’s play areas, or smoking areas … as well as discounts for food and shopping outlets.

Entrain helps you adjust faster to new time zones
Entrain helps you adjust faster to new time zones

If going on a long flight, there is no point letting jet lag interfere with your holiday any more than necessary. An app like Entrain helps put together a calendar before the flight to try and get sleep patterns worked out to best mitigate the ill effects of losing, or gaining, several hours. It is all based on hard science, specifically the body’s circadian rhythms and with a bit of pre-planning will help. Another app that operates on a similar principle is Jetlag Rooster.

In the unlikely event that something did go wrong with one of your flights, like a delay or cancellation, then the AirHelp app could be the place to go. They operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and will fight your corner if you are entitled to compensation charging commission only if the case is a success. Up to 98% of people never pursue their right to compensation following problems with airlines even though they could be entitled to up to approx $670.

The best app of all (though we would say so) is of course Lonely Planet’s Guides packed with expert advice and tips on the world’s most popular destinations.

And so with your mobile phone now fully loaded, the last thing to remember is to pack your bags and, like everything else, there is an app for that too … several in fact.

Packpoint is a precise packing list for travel pros
Packpoint is a precise packing list for travel pros

Packpoint gives you advice on what to bring on your travels, offering advice depending on gender, whether the trip is for work or business, what type of things you will be doing, and also predicted weather.