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Japan's new bullet train linking Honshū to Hokkaidō debuts this weekend

The long-awaited shinkansen (bullet train) that will run from Tokyo to Hakodate officially debuts on Saturday, linking Japan’s main island of Honshū with its northernmost island of Hokkaidō for the first time.

bullet train
The shinkansen bullet train in Kyoto, Japan. Image by John Gillespie / CC BY-SA 2.0

The new service will take passengers from Tokyo to the port city of Hakodate, in the south of Hokkaidō, in four hours and two minutes, utilising the undersea Seikan Tunnel. Over the next 15 years, there are plans to continue the shinkansen line all the way to the region’s capital Sapporo, which is currently linked to Hakodate by standard train services.

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