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Airbus releases brand new slick cabin design featuring 3D screens and self-cleaning toilets

Airbus has released a brand new design for its jetliner cabins and it’s a pretty impressive step up.

Airspace by Airbus
Airspace by Airbus Image by Airbus

Airspace by Airbus seeks to optimise passengers’ in-flight experience by improving four key dimensions: comfort, ambience, service, and design. The new design is super slick, with softer lighting, more under-seat foot space and larger overhead bins and high-tech bathrooms.

The new cabin design for Airbus is kind of dreamy
The new cabin design is kind of dreamy Image by Airbus

The cabin will be the quietest of its kind, offering a relaxing environment through the use of LED lighting technology. The bathrooms employ smart technology, including anti-bacterial surfaces, self-flushing toilets, and relaxing music.

The new model will rolled out to airlines such as Delta, Garuda Indonesia and AirAsia when it enters commercial service in late 2017.

More space and better design makes up Airbus's new design
More space and better design in the new cabin Image by Airbus

The space remains the same, but because of the optimised design it will feel more spacious says Airbus vice-president Kiran Rao. What’s more its new and improved screens will allow passengers to watch films in HD and even in 3D!