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NASA wants you to join its own extra-terrestrial Easter egg hunt using satellite images

Everybody loves an Easter egg hunt right? NASA this year is having its very own Easter-themed remote-sensing-themed egg hunt using satellites.

Can you guess what area of Earth this is? NASA's Earth Observatory would like you to
Can you guess what area of Earth this is? NASA’s Earth Observatory would like you to Image by Earth Matters

Earth Matters is  blog belonging to the Earth Observatory branch of NASA that uses satellites to study Earth through satellite images, and in the past it has offered up plenty of intriguing stuff. They often have challenges for their fans and readers which include guessing games involving strange images. Their Easter egg hunt is much the same, but instead of “eggs” they write that they’re dealing with “colorful, egg-like shaped ponds”.

The first part of their challenge is to guess the location of the lakes in the image they’ve provided on their blog (above). The second part of the challenge is to discover other satellite images of Earth that have odd egg-shaped water bodies and upload them to the website’s blog by commenting on their post with the image and the latitude and longitude of the place you’ve found.

Life on earth may be 300 million years older than previously thought.
. Image by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / CC BY 2.0

There are some directions though! They recommend using Google MapsWorldviewVisible Earth, the Earth Observatory archives, and the Gateway to Astronaut Photography may be useful.

For more info on this extra-terrestrial egg hunt go here.