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Brooklyn pizzerias star in mouthwatering new TV show all about pizza

Vice’s food website Munchies, has launched what is perhaps the most mouthwatering, genius idea for a TV show ever – a pizza show.

Presenter and pizza aficionado Frank Pirello takes the viewer on a gastronomical journey through the colourful and eclectic world of pizza makers and their product. Pirello starts in Brooklyn, the neighbourhood he grew up in and that taught him to love fine pizza.

He picks three pizzerias he adores and that to him are synonymous with the importance of pizza and pizzerias as places that bring communities together as well as celebrate food. At Lonely Planet we share his love for the three pizzerias he singled out, and have written about them in the past.

Roberta's in Bushwick
Roberta’s in Bushwick Image by Roberta’s Pizzeria

He starts with a visit to Bushwick’s Roberta’s, a pizzeria famed for bringing life to Bushwick before many lived out there. It’s now one of the trendy cultural and community hubs in the neighbourhood, not least because it serves true Neapolitan style pizza.

As Pirello says, Brooklyn is synonymous with good pizza, and he goes on to visit Lucali’s, an unlikely spot that owner Mark Iacono built himself. You have to queue for some time to be served some of the greatest and simplest pizza in town. It’s BYO and looks like someone’s living room.

Dom DeMarco at work
Dom DeMarco at work Image by Di Fara Pizza/Facebook

Pirello’s other stop is with legendary pizza maestro Dom DeMarco, whose Midwood pizzeria Di Fara is famed far and wide for serving up the best pizza slices since 1964. DeMarco is the grandfather of pizzaiolos in many ways, and Pirello has particular fun in meeting him.

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